Kid Fonque has become a vital part of South African electronic music and club
culture over the last 20 years. Uniquely accomplished in both influence and scope, he is an over-achiever in every one of his roles: DJ, label manager, promoter and more recently, producer. Firmly established as a tastemaker in South Africa, Kid Fonque’s influence can be felt and heard in the music of the many artists he has helped nurture in his role as label manager of Africa’s seminal dance label Soul Candi Records. Kid Fonque’s talent is the type that refuses to acknowledge boundaries of any kind – be they genres or borders. The respect he is paid by the industry is a result of his no compromise attitude to playing and making music. Rather than following trends, Kid Fonque has always done things his own way and on his own terms. Importantly, every record he reaches for bares all the hallmarks of the Kid Fonque sound - a golden thread that ties all his sets together somehow. Like a painter dabbing his brush into different hues, Fonque’s palette embraces everything from bass and broken beats to bossa nova, hip hop and every shade of house - and with this open-minded approach he’s been deconstructing dancefloors at home and abroad for well over a decade. Over the last couple years he’s played dates in Hong Kong, Dubai, the UK and Switzerland.
Someone once said: "We should consider everyday lost on which we have not danced at least once". If that is the case the Britt Rubin lives every day to the full with her vibrant personality and locks to match. Commonly known as Lil Red becasue of her vibrant hair colour, she is a multi-talented spit fire who can dazzle in dance and razzle in rap.  Lil Red was brought up in the competitve dance world specialising in Latin, adage and hip-hop. The progression as a perfoing artist from dance, into exploring her musical attributes, has been a natural development for her as an artist. Lil Red has just begun a musical journey which will bring a new dimension to the local SA hip-hop/R&B scene, and will serve as a platform for other aspiring
artist to follow their dreams.
Having already performed at the likes of Oppi Koppi 2015; Lil Red
is looking to light up the SUCASA Hip-Hop Stage with a vibrant
performance that will leave the SUCASA Fam buzzing with energy
and excitement.