Submit your best 3 songs or your best mix (DJ's Only) and a short artist bio down below and we will get back to you within 3 business days! 
Length (DJ Mixes)
Your mix must be 30 minutes long. Any mix shorter than 25 minutes and longer than 35 minutes will be disqualified  
Your mix should be streamable and emailed to us as a YouTube(Preferable), Dropbox, Mixcloud, or Zippyshare link.
Submissions must have  your Full Name, Stage Name, links to your social media sites, your MUSIC and a reason for why you believe you desire a performance. P.S. If you are looking to do a song release please mention it in the email and we shall attend to your needs accordingly!
Important Info
Your submission will be jugde by Intuitive's A&R team who will pick an artist based on Passion. Performing in its purest form is about passion, and that is just what we want to hear in your music. 
Yes, this means you don't have to slave to get votes, but good music does get  plays SOOO; tweet us your music  @SucasaEVNT after you submit it and those who follow us will get a REPOST to boost their plays a little bit ;)​